Huge thanks to Carol at Shoreditch Bakes for nominating me for a ‘One Lovely Blog’ award last week.

With nomination comes great responsiblity, here’s what happens next…

  • Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
  • Paste the award image on your blog, anywhere.
  • Tell us 7 facts about yourself.
    1. I was born and grew up in Essex, lived in Bournemouth and London and now live in Essex (sorry, London Borough of Havering to be precise!).
    2. My favourite film of all time is Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
    3. I love skiing and roller skating.
    4. My two favourite cities in the world are London and Paris.
    5. I completed a degree in Fashion Studies at The Arts Institute in Bournemouth.
    6. I speak German.
    7. My middle name is ‘Kirstie’ but is spelt ‘Kirste’ because that’s how my Dad (thinking he was spelling it correctly) spelt it on my birth certificate!
  • Nominate 15 other blogs you like for this award.
    1. Adam Prosser Photography – Adam is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. His photography skills are amazing too! (See some of his great work here).
    2. Rose Darling – very talented Fashion Graphic Designer who blogs about her latest projects & inspirations.
    3. The Craftmakery – small craft business run by Helen Hodge and Lydia Fraser-Ward selling craft kits for adults.
    4. All About Kate – obsessed with what Kate Middleton’s wearing? Me too. Check out this fab fashion and style blog all about our fave Royal.
    5. London Bride – one of the best UK wedding blogs I’ve come across.
    6. The Women’s Room – Amanda & Jane are the women behind this fab blog – an online community for stylish 30-something women.
    7. An Essex Wife – Alice Langley’s blog about family life in Essex. Great read.
    8. Diary of a Vintage Girl – this blog rocks the vintage world.
    9. Adore by Chloe – gorgeous wedding blog focussing on handmade and pretty things. Love it.
    10. My Little Ginger Wedding – lovely wedding blog full of inspiration and prettiness.
    11. Style on the Couch – Great fashion blog by a Brit living in Manhattan.
    12. Vixen Vintage – lots of vintage lovliness. So much inspiration!
    13. Love to Hate London – A must-read for anyone who has lived in the Capital.
    14. That Good Girl Chi – London blogger with great style.
    15. Gabi Fresh – Fashion blog filling the void for trendy women size 14 and up. Refreshing!
  • Post a comment on each of your nominees’ blogs telling them about the nomination.

Well done to all the other lovely bloggers who I am enjoying at the moment! Feel free to participate or not.

C x